Burchills carves the wake to gain council approval

    Wednesday, March 08, 2017


    The Gold Coast is about to become the wakeboarding capital of Australia. A multimillion-dollar cable ski park is proposed for a 10ha lake and old quarry site just west of the John Muntz Bridge at Oxenford.

    Burchills was engaged by Capital International during 2014 to provide specialist professional consultancy services for the new ProWake facility being promoted by ex-world champion and Gold Coast local, Daniel Watkins. On the back of previous works undertaken on the site as part of Holcim Quarry rectification works, Burchills were awarded the task of providing water engineering input, as well as town planning, civil engineering, traffic assessment, and environmental assessment.

    The site is located off Maudsland Road and between two branches of the Coomera River. The southern branch carries the main flow while the northern branch carries mostly flood flow and inflows from Bakers Creek. There were a number of technical challenges to overcome, with one of the most critical being flood impact. Flooding mechanisms at this location in the river are complex and required a rigorous flood modelling approach. The flood hydraulic impact assessment relied upon the results of a two dimensional (2D) unsteady state TUFLOW hydrodynamic model which was developed based on Council’s 2008 Coomera River MIKE FLOOD model. The flood model was setup to represent pre-development existing conditions of which was then in turn modified to represent the post-development constructed conditions, for instance the facility infrastructure that resulted in changes to ground levels. An impact assessment was conducted and modifications made to the design intent to ensure Council’s tolerances and criteria was met.

    Burchills water engineering team also provided the following documentation as part of the Development Application:

    • Stormwater Management Plan
    • Flood Emergency Plan
    • Lake Water Quality Management Plan
    • Onsite Water Harvesting and Effluent Disposal Strategy


    Jacob Franklin
    Project Manager

    Philip Bell
    Principal Engineer and Certification

    Nathan McDonald
    Environmental Planner

    Toby Bennett
    Flood and Stormwater Engineer