Burchills LAB

    Thursday, March 31, 2016

    Introducing Burchills LAB.  Big Question? Let us help you find a Big Solution! 

    The great thing about working with Engineers and Scientists is that they are always looking for problems to solve. The Burchills team are particularly passionate about solving problems because our purpose is to make life simpler and more rewarding for those creating and enjoying our great places of the future.

    However our challenges in the urban and built environment are much bigger than they used to be. Things are getting more complex like mega cities, transport system overload, unaffordable housing, adapting to climate change, environmental degradation, and funding shortfalls. Gone are the days when we could simply follow a tried and proven step process for solving our urban and engineering problems. To solve today’s problems we need to ramp things up!

    Announcing the launch of the new “Burchills LAB”!!

    The Burchills LAB is a vehicle for engaging our clients, industry partners, universities, and community and collaborating in joint problem solving and the co-creation of solutions. When we collaborate to combine the experience, talent, and skills of our network and leverage our own core problem solving engine, then no challenge or value creation opportunity is beyond us!

    Participating in the LAB is easy, just follow these steps:

    • 1.  Have a look over our infographic below to learn more about the Burchills Lab
    • 2.  Join our Facebook and/or LinkedIn Groups
    • 3.  Contribute your problems and ideas via participating in the group discussions
    • 4.  Come along to our special events or nominate a topic to present
    • 5.  Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that together we are making life simpler and more rewarding