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Broadwater Marine Plants Survey

As part of the SEQ Catchments’ Environmentally Friendly Mooring (EFM) project - Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) investigated the upgrade of the current system of buoy moorings in the southern Broadwater. Burchills Environmental Scientists were engaged by GCWA to undertake an initial condition assessment (health and extent) of marine vegetation in seven (7) separate locations where a mooring upgrade was proposed.

Burchills’ scientists undertook marine plant surveys using an integrated approach of aerial photo interpretation and ground truthing surveys to verify the presence, condition and extent of marine plant (seagrass) beds. The methodology followed established Seagrass-Watch methods modified to include the use of a towed, underwater camera (with live view) in the sub-tidal areas. A total of 8.6ha of marine plants beds were mapped in the project area including four (4) seagrass species and four (4) distinct marine vegetation communities. Condition assessments and GID mapping provided GCWA with the necessary baseline data for the proposed works.

Environmental staff involved in the project:

Caroline Kelly
Principal Environmental Scientist
Tel: (07) 5509 6400