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Creek St, Hastings Point Residential Community Flood Study

Burchills is currently engaged by Palm Lake Works to undertake Flood Study for a proposal 16 lot residential subdivision within the Cudgera and Christies Creek floodplain. The catchment is in the order of 66km2. Flooding mechanisms within this location are complex being dominated by 3 factors – ocean storm surge, creek fluvial flows, and local catchment overland flow paths. At present the development application is an appeal legal matter and the level of detailed produced for the flooding assessment is to the highest level of quality and rigor. The design of the estate has been done to mitigate flooding impacts. Burchills has also produced a Flood Emergency Management Plan and Stormwater Management Plan.

Water staff involved in the project

Toby Bennett
Civil & Environmental Engineer
Tel: (07) 5509 6400