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Greenheart Gardens - Traffic Engineering

Burchills were engaged to prepare a Travel Demand Management Strategy as part of the Green Heart Gardens project, which will consist of 4,000 residential units and 8,000sqm of commercial use and is forecasted to increase population in the area by 12,000 people based on 3.0 average people per household rate.

It identified key travel demand management measures and incentives that were implemented to reduce car travel and decrease pressure on the local roads in the vicinity of the site such as Boowaggan Road, Gooding Drive and Robina Parkway.

Travel Demand Management Strategy (TDMS) includes both provision of high quality sustainable transport infrastructure and incentives that improve overall transport outcomes, such as reduced traffic impact of the proposed development on the local road network, congestion mitigation and more reliable transport system.

Proposed improvements to active and public transport infrastructure will also deliver substantial social, economic and environmental benefits to the wider Merrimac and Gold Coast area including:

  • Reduced congestion on the local road network;
  • More efficient use of the existing and proposed transport infrastructure and services;
  • Improved connectivity, liveability and amenity;
  • Improved road safety including reduced road accidents and injuries;
  • Improved air quality due to reduced emissions from cars; and
  • Increased physical activity and public health.

  • Following an extensive literature review, site accessibility study and workshops with local and state government experts in Travel Planning and Travel Demand Management Strategies, a number of measures were identified as the most likely to succeed at Green Heart Gardens development taking into the account site location and site accessibility to local educational, employment and retail areas.

    Traffic staff involved in the project:

    Dale Kleimeyer
    Principal Engineer
    Tel: (07) 5509 6400

    Aga Szewczak
    Traffic Engineer
    Tel: (07) 5509 6400