Traffic Impact Assessment Gold Coast

Traffic Impact Assessment

What is a Traffic Impact Assessment?

A Traffic Impact Assessment provides a powerful tool for Traffic Engineers to determine the possible effects of development on the transportation and traffic system and to mitigate any negative impacts.

The assessment covers several possible impacts such as:

  • Surrounding Transport Infrastructure and Property Accesses
  • Adjacent Roads and Intersections
  • Site Accessibility Study
  • Future Transport Links
  • Future Public Transport Strategy
  • Traffic Volumes Surrounding Roads
  • Development Traffic distribution
  • Intersection Capacity Analysis
  • Road Capacity Analysis
  • Traffic Generation





Burchills Capabilities

Burchills Engineering Solutions can prepare a Traffic Impact Assessment for your development, which in essence is a site management tool to help influence travel choices and better manage your travel demand. We identify constraints and limitations due to site location, site accessibility to public transport and the nature of the development to create a site-specific travel plan. Travel plans can be developed and implemented for a range of developments such as workplaces, residential developments, destinations (such as tourist attractions), and schools and educational campuses.

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