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Travel Demand Management Strategy

What is a Travel Demand Management Strategy?

Travel Demand Management Strategy (TDMS) includes both provision of high quality sustainable transport infrastructure and incentives that improve overall transport outcomes, such as reduced traffic impact of the proposed development on the local road network, congestion mitigation and more reliable transport system.

The strategy identifies key travel demand management measures and incentives that are proposed to be implemented to reduce car travel and decrease pressure on the local roads in the vicinity of the site development. Proposed improvements to active and public transport infrastructure will also deliver substantial social, economic and environmental benefits to the wider area including:

  • Reduced congestion on the local road network
  • More efficient use of the existing and proposed transport infrastructure and services
  • Improved connectivity, liveability and amenityn
  • Improved road safety including reduced road accidents and injuries
  • Rising main and pump station detailing
  • Improved air quality due to reduced emissions from cars; and
  • Increased physical activity and public health.





Burchills Capabilities

Burchills Engineering Solutions can prepare a travel demand management stretegy for your development, which in essence is a site management tool to help influence travel choices and better manage your travel demand. We identify constraints and limitations due to site location, site accessibility to public transport and the nature of the development to create a site-specific travel plan. Travel plans can be developed and implemented for a range of developments such as workplaces, residential developments, destinations (such as tourist attractions), and schools and educational campuses.

Travel Demand Management Strategy

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