Green Travel Plans Gold Coast

Green Travel Plans

What is a Green Travel Plan?

A Green Travel Plan is a long-term strategy which contains site-specific measures implemented to promote and maximise the use of more sustainable modes of travel. Typically green travel plans will encourage sustainable travel modes such as walking, cycling, public transport, motorcycle, car sharing, and electric cars via a range of actions, promotional campaigns and incentives.

Not every development has the same access to various sustainable modes of travel. Some will have great cycling infrastructure others will benefits from great public transport provisions. Green Travel Plans are site specific, and identify constrains and limitations due to site location, site accessibility to public transport and nature of the development. We are experts in design and implementation of Green Travel Plans for Residential, Educational, Employment and Retail Development.

Benefits of a Green Travel Plan:

Internationally green travel plans have been shown to reduce single-occupant car use by 5-25% with the reduction depending on the extent of the green travel plan and site-specific issues. This reduction in car use can represent significant cost savings to an organisation, in terms of both money and employee time. A green travel plan can make a strong contribution to achieving targets in your organisation- for example, carbon reduction under the ISO14001 standard or similar environmental management systems, or other targets relating to cooperate Social Responsibility or Employee well-being.

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