Burchills engages with clients that are professional and respected in our industry and community; clients that have a reputation for visionary and quality projects that are in it for the long haul. We value a trusted advisor relationship and clients that are enjoyable to work with from which a mutual respect can be built.

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  • Burchills Engineering were the one constant through the development process of Coomera East Shopping Centre. They were the first on site with Vegetation Management for clearing of the site and last on site with signing off of roadwork’s and services. Burchills designed the shopping centre earthworks to provide a platform for a family friendly neighbourhood centre with ease of movement into, within and out of the Shopping Centre the basis of the initial civil engineering .

    Operational works for roadwork’s, earthworks, stormwater ,sewer and services were all prepared to the point of approval for us by Burchills with the constant being satisfactory outcomes for the development, the community and the Gold Coast City Council.

    Andrew Gregory’s ability as Project Manager to deal with the constant changes in design and come up with satisfactory outcomes provided the builders with a clear planning path with no holdups. Burchills have guided us through this development on budget, on time.

    - Mr Andy Packer Foxwell Road Centre No. 1 Pty Ltd (Client).