Infrastructure driving Gold Coast employment

    Thursday, October 22, 2015

    Civil and structural engineering solutions are a key driver of employment. Public transport developments recruit a high volume of workers and a wide range of occupations, from construction workers to building designers

    Queensland is currently enjoying low unemployment and a burgeoning public transport network.

    Queensland is currently enjoying low unemployment and a burgeoning public transport network stemming from infrastructure improvements.  

    Job creation a positive outcome

    A recent Queensland government release shows the Gold Coast has created 14,800 new jobs over the previous 12 months. 

    Using figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the government says that the annual unemployment rate has fallen by 0.7 to 5.3 per cent.

    "Just yesterday I was on the Gold Coast to announce the successful tenderer for the $163 million heavy rail duplication project between Helensvale and Coomera which will support another 200 jobs when construction commences in March next year," Treasurer Curtis Pitt said.

    The figures show the Gold Coast is the state's leader in employment. This may be a result of increased infrastructure construction that has been ongoing over the last few years. 

    If the South East fully utilises the region's public transport system, there could be an even greater need for more jobs and quality engineering solutions

    What does engineering solutions mean for unemployment?What do engineering solutions mean for unemployment?

    South East Queensland's public transport infrastructure showing popularity

    According to the Queensland government, public transport use in South East Queensland has increased in the July to September 2015 period, in comparison to last year.

    Minister for Transport Stirling Hinchliffe said the figures were collected as part of the TransLink Tracker quarterly report.

    "The government's decision to release the TransLink Tracker is about restoring accountability and transparency in our public transport network," he said. "It's fantastic to see that after three years of stagnation, patronage on our public transport network is growing and is up by 3.1 per cent."

    The report focuses on a number of variables, such as patronage, on-time running, customer feedback and satisfaction, smart card use, safety and service kilometres. It aims to provide a cross-section of the South East Queensland's public transport services for the public.

    Its findings  also showed there was an increase in journeys using the network to over 47 million, which is an expansion of more than 1.4 million trips over last year. 

    Additionally, there has been an overall increase in public transport use - 430,000 more bus trips, 305,000 train journeys and 40,000 more ferry voyages. The 640,000 extra trips on the Gold Coast Light Rail is evidence that it has also become more popular with Gold Coast commuters. 

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