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All Saints School

All Saints Anglican School, received a $500,000 Commonwealth grant towards the design and construction of a water harvesting project. Burchills were commissioned by the School to design and manage the construction of an artificial wetland to harvest stormwater run-off for irrigation of a sports field. This project also provided students with an educational facility to support the environmental component of their curriculum.

The wetland was designed by employing the latest hydraulic modeling, ecological modeling and engineering methods, while taking into account the surrounding topographic and aesthetic features.

Burchills also designed and managed a broad scale rehabilitation program as part of this project which aimed to improve water quality, aid with drainage and water storage, create habitat corridors for fauna and provide a unique educational tool for All Saints Anglican School.

Project Innovation & Client Outcomes:

The wetland stores approximately 90 ML of stormwater which is used to irrigate their sports fields. This has saved the school approximately $150,000 p.a. in water fees with a resultant payback period of less than 4 years.