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Broadwater Parklands Mangrove Wetlands

This project involved the design of a mangrove wetland, and seagrass bed translocation as part of the Gold Coast Broadwater Parkland Project. In order to offset marine habitat losses, associated with reclamation aspects of the project, a 1.2 hectare mangrove wetland was created. The mangrove wetland has been designed to improve the quality of stormwater discharged into the Broadwater and increase the diversity in marine habitat within the Southport Parklands. Newly created yabbie banks and sea grass beds will also help to compensate for direct losses of similar habitats.

Once surface levels and profiles were established, restoration (fabrication) works were undertaken through propagule and seedling installation. This involved a combination of the collection of mangrove propagules from within the local area and the translocation of seedlings from the Port of Brisbane. Propagules and seedlings were installed by hand, directly into the newly created substrates. The constructed mangrove wetland contributes to and enhances the Broadwater Parklands’ ecological and recreational values.