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Bruce Highway Road Widening

Project design work includes preparation of three bridge design options for a major rural road over rail bridge on the Bruce Highway. Design constraints include crossing a live rail line and potential weak/soft sub-surface ground conditions. Bridge options considered will be large single span with batters, two span with central pylon and batters or single span with vertical abutments. Structural design will include associated retaining walls and drainage structures.

Traffic Management Plan and Traffic Guidance Schemes prepared in accordance with MUTCD Part 3 for this major construction project on the National Highway. The combination of the delivery timeline and north Queensland wet season complicate the construction methodology and associated traffic management requirements. Therefore a flexible and practical approach to traffic management is required to mitigate risks and promote safety of road users and construction personnel throughout the construction period.

The site extends for over 5 km and construction of the road upgrade requires multiple site accesses to be live concurrently with high volumes of heavy vehicles using these accesses. The Highway is the primary north south route in this region, providing connectivity between Townsville and Mackay and maintaining traffic flow with maximum capacity is critical to all stakeholders. Construction Road Safety Audits of the site will be required throughout the project. Preparation of a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) for these upgrade works is being undertaken by Burchills Engineering Solutions. In addition to providing environmental management and approvals advice, Burchills Engineering Solutions were responsible for undertaking flora and fauna surveys prior to the commencement of work.