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Overtaking Lanes at Torbanlea, Bruce Highway

Client: Department of Transport & Main Roads.

This project involved a Clear Zone investigation for the Client Department of Transport & Main Roads. A 9.5 m clear zone (LHS) & 14.0 m (RHS) was investigated for hazards. The clear zone was considered outside the outer lane edge.

Three types of hazards were identified; non-frangible vegetation, multi celled reinforced concrete box culverts and the property boundary where it fell within the clear zone.

Recommendations included:

  • All non-frangible vegetation within the clear zone and within the road reserve will be cleared to ground level.
  • A BCR was established for the culvert’s Length of Need (LON) which indicated no warrant existed for the guardrail installation.
  • The BCR’s established for the two clear zone (resumption) scenarios indicated that no warrant existed for resumptions.