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Western Desert Haul Road

Detailed design of the proposed mine haul road from proposed Roper Bar Mine to new stockyard and port infrastructure at the port at Bing Bong, NT. The 160km alignment crosses some eighty waterways and the Savannah Way South at the Gulf of Carpentaria. The road alignment has been designed to minimise culvert sizes in this remote location and has been designed to meet Austroads specifications. The roadway is designed for the haulage of 3MTonnes of Iron Ore per annum in B-Triple extra wide bodied trucks.

Catchments in excess of 2000 km2 were modelled using WBNM hydrology models and hydrographs calibrated to gulf streams.

Fully 2D flood models were utilised to assess unsteady flow in open channel systems including natural streams, flood plains, roads, bridges, culverts, floodways and man-made channels. The hydraulic performance of major streams and rivers was modeled to determine the design characteristics for major bridges.

Study included road pavement runoff and aquaplaning assessment, scour calculations and time of submergence calculations along with frequency analysis of flood data records.