Quality Assurance Policy


The Burchills Engineering Solutions team are committed to making life easier and more rewarding for our clients via consistently high-quality products and services. We are also committed to considering the needs and expectations of relevant stakeholders including those enjoying the places we help create. We will maintain a Quality Management System framework that sets and meets the business objectives, client requirements and complies with the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. Our Quality Management System is important in ensuring product and services realisation consistently meets the requirements of our customers such that we provide the experience you deserve.

Employees have identified the key values of problem solving, teamwork, doing what we say, achieving results and enjoying work as being key to achieving this goal. These values are integral in the QMS and Procedures. We subscribe to risk based thinking and will determine business and project risks and opportunities and to put in place preventative controls to minimise negative effects and to maximise opportunities as they arise. Burchills Engineering Solutions Quality Policy, Quality Manual, and Quality Procedures are communicated to all employees. We will ensure that we have the resources, infrastructure, and working environment to enable these to be implemented.

We value and regularly seek client feedback on our performance to help improve our products and services. Burchills Engineering Solutions will also undertake regular audits and reviews and continually analyse and improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. We are Team Players and our Management Team in consultation with Employees will regularly review the performance of the Quality Management System and the Quality Objectives and ensure compliance with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our Leadership will champion the importance of our QMS, embrace feedback and new ideas from internal and external customers, and model and coach behaviours to influence our teams understanding, adoption, and continual improvement. Through management commitment and support at all levels of the Company we strive for excellence as we aim to be the first choice consultant for SEQ’s most respected built environment creators and shapers.


Steve Coote, Managing Director

Burchills Engineering Solutions

October 2019